As a fully qualified kinesiology practitioner and reiki therapist (see my website ), I have seen great benefit from using complementary therapies with animals.

Below is some information about other therapists and practitioners using complementary therapies with animals.

Although there are restrictions regarding treating animals without the supervision of a vet, the following people provide complementary therapy services or products for your pets:

Stop Dog Attacks!

GerOff Dog Repellent Spray

Protects people, harmless to dogs




Canine Flow -

Canine Flow (CF) is a unique, new form of dog training which focuses on your dog’s emotional wellbeing.  CF techniques train dogs to release emotions, stress/tension and cellular memories which can influence and transform their behaviour.  This can be for general relaxation or for more specific issues e.g. separation anxiety, loud noises, fireworks.


Dogs generally become calmer, happier and freer within themselves, affecting their responses to external stimulus, and a calmer dog generally means a calmer owner.


Rahanni -

This is a beautifully gentle, universal healing energy that promotes wellbeing. It can help animals physically, emotionally and spiritually, and can provide a sense of relaxation which can promote healing. I provide this service to a variety of animals, but mainly dogs, cats and horses/ponies.


Animals have energy centres (chakras), very similar locations to ourselves, which can get out of balance and show in a variety of ways.  Rahanni can help to balance these to get energy flowing better within, positively impacting the receiver.


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