Services I offer
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Free initial consultation
Before you decide whether I am the right pet-sitter for you and your pets, I visit you in your home and spend some time chatting to you about your requirements, including any special needs your pets may have, as well as information about diet, routines and personality traits. This also gives you an opportunity to ask me about my experience, insurance, references etc.
If we both feel happy about me looking after your pets, we complete a contract and information sheet with emergency and veterinary contact details plus information about your pet(s).  We then book the relevant dates and you pay a 20% non-refundable deposit.  
You can give me a key at this point or, if your trip is some way off, I can come and collect it nearer the time (and, if necessary, chat further about what is needed). The key will either be returned to you once you're back home, or I can retain it for future dates.
The remaining balance is paid either before or on the day of your departure, with cash, cheque or by bank transfer. For Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday and all Bank Holidays, charges are 50% more.
At the moment, I do not charge a cancellation fee so if your trip is either changed or cancelled, I would appreciate being informed as soon as possible.
Although I don't stay overnight, I can visit your pet(s) as many times a day as you wish and at your preferred times. Visits start from half an hour and go up to a maxium of eight hours per day.
I look after all types of animals, birds, reptiles etc.
Visits also include watering of plants, putting out the dustbin, picking up post, drawing curtains, switching lights on and off etc.
If you're going out for the day and don't want to leave your pet(s) alone, I can come and spend the day with them. Dogs will have two or three walks and lots of petting, whilst cats and other pets will receive lots of petting, grooming (if required) and play - and of course they'll be fed, if required.
Whether your dog(s) need to be walked regularly or on a more ad-hoc basis, you can choose for them to have a half-hour, one-hour or two-hour walk.
Visits to the vet
If your pet needs to go to the vet and you're unable to take them, I can take them for you.
Contact: Tel: 01304 448912  Mob: 07766 832903  E: