Prices will vary depending on individual needs but below is a guide of my charges

Price Duration
From £8 Half an hour 
From £12  One hour
 Pet-sitting (birds, chickens, rabbits etc)
From £8 Half an hour
 Dog-sitting (in your home)
From £8   Per hour
From £7.50 Half an hour
From £12 One hour
 Visit to vet    
From £12 +  fuel  

Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday and all Bank Holidays are charged at time-and-a-half


Mileage charges: 

Within 3 miles - free

3-4 miles - £1 per visit

5-6 miles - £2 per visit

7-8 miles - £3 per visit

9-10 miles - £4 per visit

10+ miles - by arrangement