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Since I was a baby I have been mad about animals. We had a border collie, called Misty, and my face would light up whenever she came into the room. Growing up we mainly had cats, as my father was in the army so we moved around a lot. At boarding-school I had a hamster called Matthew, and spent many hours taking him for walks.  He learned to come to me when I called him - and he would even retrieve things for me! I was appointed 'Head of the Mouse House' (we were only allowed gerbils, mice and hamsters) and made sure it was kept clean and tidy and the animals were properly cared for.
From the age of 10 I would knock on people's doors and ask if I could walk their dogs. It meant I got to know many different breeds of dogs and the traits specific to those breeds. At school I walked the Head Gardener's dog, Jess, every day as the school was situated on the outskirts of Bath, in beautiful countryside. When I was 17, I spent the summer holidays working in a quarantine kennels, which I loved, and I also got involved with various animal charities, such as the RSPCA and PDSA, fundraising and campaigning. I avidly read books on animal psychology and behaviour, as well as nature and conservation, and I have completed an Animal Care course with UK Open Learning and a Canine First Responder course (First Aid).
Once I left school, I continued walking people's dogs and also looking after various bosses' pets when they went on holiday. Some of the jobs I've had have involved living in, as a nanny or housekeeper, so I have taken care of various cats, dogs, pigs, chickens, rabbits, sheep and birds. I also enjoyed horse-riding for many years and at one time shared a horse with a friend. For eight years I lived in Bermuda and regularly house-sat for people, looking after their pets while they were away. I no longer house-sit as I have a cat, a tortoiseshell called Tiggy, who came from the RSPCA.
Contact: Tel: 01304 448912  Mob: 07766 832903  E: penny@pkp-balance.com
Here are a few comments from some of my clients: 
"I have used Penny's services on many occasions. Penny is honest, diligent and very sensitive to the needs of both pets and their owners. Penny is wonderfully caring, but sensible too and will look after your pets just as you would yourself. You can rely on her to love them, cuddle them, talk to them and feed them - she's a regular Dr Dolittle." Denise Gurney
"Penny has been a superb carer for our two beloved and ancient cats, Dottie and Lucy.  Penny is always reliable and willing to go that "extra mile" to ensure that everything is OK, not only with the cats (who require special medication and for whom she brings special toys!) but with household requirements such as watering house plants and the garden and even putting out the dustbins.  Best of all, she LOVES the cats and they thrive under her loving care.  Thank you Penny!"  Michael and Alan Bennett-Law
"Penny has worked with us over the last two years. Although she has helped looking after our two cats and watered the garden, she is of immense help, when it comes to exercising our dog. He is a largish, boisterous, Labrador retriever. Penny takes him for varied and interesting walks in the countryside, being able to let him run off lead. She has an intuitive feel for the animals and they feel perfectly relaxed with her. She has proved to be reliable and completely trustworthy. She is a delight to work with and is always willing to fit into our timetable. It takes the immense 'pet stress' out of going on holiday or just long days away from home. I can recommend her wholeheartedly."  Nicholas Rennie
"I have known Penny since 1987. I had two Burmese cats at the time and would always try to find someone trustworthy to look after them. Penny was an ideal person. She has always had a love of animals, she is a caring person and above all she is trustworthy and reliable. I have no hesitation in recommending Penny in the highest possible terms. Penny is used to looking after dogs as well as cats and taking them for regular walks." Pauline Miles
"Penny Davey looked after our dogs with great care and kindness throughout the time she was employed at Doddington Place. Nothing was too much trouble and both dogs, a pug and a lurcher, became extremely devoted to her. I could not recommend a better pet-sitter/dog walker." Amicia de Moubray
"I have known Penny Davey since we met ten years ago. Penny has a great sense of herself and understanding of other people, enabling her to enter a broad variety of situations with ease, confidence and charm. She takes pride in doing any task to the best of her ability. On numerous occasions she has looked after our home and pets and I know her to be completely honest and trustworthy and would rely on her judgement in my absence without hesitation. On top of this, her great sense of humour and wonderfully kind spirit make her excellent company at work or play." Marie Valk
"Penny has looked after my two Burmese cats on many occasions.  She is very professional, honest and reliable.  She not only cares for, and looks after the needs of. my cats but will use her initiative around the house - watering the garden and putting out the rubbish.  She spends time playing with my cats and they are very relaxed and comfortable in her company.  It is obvious that she loves animals.  Whenever I go away, I know that my cats and my home are in excellent hands.  I cannot recommend Penny highly enough."  Anne Arnold
Contact: Tel: 01304 448912  Mob: 07766 832903  E: penny@pkp-balance.com